HSE Management System

Health, safety and the environment are given first priority in FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA The safety of our employees always comes ahead of other considerations.

Shaik Al-Hussnain
Managing Director

We make every effort to avoid accidents and work-related illness and injury. Our employees shall experience development and recognition through interaction and teamwork. Everyone shall be treated with respect and dignity. Our customers shall be aware that FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA has effective procedures for addressing health,

Safety and environmental (HSE) issues in connection with our projects. We stipulate HSE requirements in relation to our suppliers and these are incorporated into our contracts.


FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA internal Management System as it pertains to health and the working environment, the external environment and safety.


FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA We are working systematically to meet requirements set out in health, Environmental and safety legislation, as well as those specified by our clients and set out in relevant standards.


FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA policy in relation to health, the working environment, and safety
At FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA, HSE issues are assigned the highest priority – the safety of our employees is paramount to all other considerations.

Our HSE policy applies to all FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA – related activities in Kuwait.
FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA shall comply with rules, regulations and other requirements, and through good leadership ensure continuous improvement.
FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA HSE is a responsibility of management and shall form an integral part of our day-to-day work. Our employees are obliged to make an active contribution.

FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA has a clear vision calling for zero levels of accident, injury, damage and loss.
We will do our utmost to protect our employees and those with whom we work from accidents and work-related
FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA wishes to maintain a sound and health-promoting working environment.
FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA wishes to have a management team that is transparent, inclusive and inspirational. Our employees shall receive acknowledgment for their efforts in an environment in which they can develop by means of interaction and teamwork Fawaz al khaleejiya employees shall be treated with respect and dignity.


FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA ethics are based on our vision of “ CONTRACTING MADE EASIER “ and the following fundamental values; courage, generosity, honesty, and solidarity. Our ethical compass is also based on the following moral principles;

  • The principle of human dignity
  • The precautionary principle
  • The principle of fairness
  • The principle of utility


FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA we are working towards subsidiary goals and measures linked to the following primary HSE targets:

  • FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA shall have a sound and health-promoting working environment.
  • FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA shall achieve zero occupational sickness absence.
  • FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA shall incur zero levels of accident, injury, damage and loss.
  • FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA shall present itself as a company with a clear environmental profile The results of this work involve action plans for FAWAZ AL KHALEEJIYA.