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The successful mix of people at Fawaz Al Khaleejiya, from our dynamic management group to our dedicated administrative staff ensures that our clients obtain optimal results.  You can expect a winning performance when our people are mobilized on your project.

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Any company or entity, interested to establish business in Kuwait needs a local sponsor to legally operate their business and also be in compliance with the local rules & regulations of Kuwait. This can be achieved by appointing a local company as their Agent in the country or by entering into a sponsorship agreement with a local entity.

Fawaz Al Khaleejiya has over 12 years of experience working in the Middle East, is well versed with the requirements of the region and is capable of providing Sponsorship Services as well as Agency Services to its foreign clients.To support the foreign client’s efforts in Kuwait, we formulate solutions that best suits the purpose and interests of the foreign entity. We have long-term regional strategic alliances for processing all sponsorship related requirements.

Over the past 5-6 years there has been several changes in Immigration Laws and Fawaz al Khaleejiya’s team of dedicated professionals have worked diligently to revise the company policies and procedures to meet the new stringent requirements of the Kuwait Government.Our Sponsorship team, headed by a reputed Indian Citizen, who is well versed expert to get the latest updates from the Ministries and the same will be updated time to time to the client, is updated on a regular basis. We are proud to announce that our Sponsorship & Agency Services is a turnkey solution and is inclusive of all costs involved in the process.

Our organization is strongly active in the field of commercial agencies and sponsorship in the Gulf market for many years. Our solid presence in this field initiated due to global corporations’ needs for legal and commercial representation in relevant markets.Before we bring these companies into the market, we explore and study the market well knowing the various opportunities that are available. After assessing the market, we provide them logistic services and resources that will enable them to execute their projects successfully. Through our wide experience, capable human resources and our well-earned reputation, we are able to support these leading corporations in handling their processes legally, efficiently and smoothly.

Commercial Agency & Sponsorship

Any company or entity, interested to do business in Kuwait needs a local sponsor

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Manpower Supply

We are also one of the leading Manpower Suppliers

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Housing & Accomadation

Accommodation can be arranged for the client as per the requirement.

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Transiting Personnel

We provide Transit to the employees of the client.

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Visa Processing & Service

We offer all the requests related to the entire visa processing required for the resources of the client .

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Projects & Business Development

Our firm is keen on exploring existing and new projects

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Vehicle Leasing

We are one of the best service renders in the fields of Vehicle leasing and transportation.

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Legal Support & Advice

We have an experienced Quality Team,

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An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company

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